It was 10 days past my 16th birthday when I met him and it was Halloween night. We were at that age when you know you're too old for trick-or-treating but struggling to let go of those things that make childhood so magical. I asked our group of friends if anyone would just knock on one door with me. Just when I thought everyone had turned me down Erick grabbed my hand and said "let's go!" Since then he's grabbed my hand thousands of times and taken me on countless adventures all over the world. We so quickly became best friends. We continue to grow up together, attending proms and graduations. As years went on we started to realize we were the on God made for each other. Here we are 10 years later and he's asked me to grow old with him. I cannot wait to be his wife and to call him my husband knowing to matter how old we are he will always make life as magical as it was when we were kids. 

Erick & Shelby 


Mount Lemmon Tucson, Arizona