Brandy Jackson grew up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest with imaginations to travel the world and led her to grow up and become a destination wedding photographer where she shot over 100 weddings worldwide. 

Your wedding day is something you put counting hours planning, crafting and creating. Brandy's goal is to highlight each and every detail in the way of art through how she photographs your love story. Weddings are one of those beautiful times in life where we get to fully celebrate what it means to love and to be human and it is one of the main reasons Brandy loves what she does. 

Brandy's goal is to photograph the wedding of your dreams, in a way that brings you back to that exact moment. She want you to look back on your wedding images and feel the feeling all over again. So much so, each photograph is crafted to bring you back to that exact moment again again and again... on your 2nd anniversary, your 10th anniversary your 80th anniversary, you will be able to smell the air of the day, feel the breeze that alighted on your when you walked down the aisle, during your first dance and the moment you said I do. 

"Brandy made it more than just a photo shoot, she made it an experience that we get to cherish for a lifetime." 

- Chadd + Stephanie